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The University of Southampton
Sustainability Action

Medsin National Conference 2013 Event

16 - 17 November 2013
University of Leeds

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Event details

This year's conference, "A Healthy Profit: Healthcare and Industry", will explore the relationship between industry and health.

The conference's theme, 'A Healthy Profit', has been inspired by the strong industrial heritage of Leeds, which, during the Industrial Revolution, grew from just a small market town into a vibrant, thriving city. This period shaped the epidemiology of the population, inspiring pioneering research by Charles Thackrah into the effect of industry on the health of Leeds workers. Thackrah is regarded as the father of Occupational Medicine in the English-speaking world, and was a founding member of Leeds Medical School.

Despite the decline of secondary industry in the UK, our health continues to be shaped by increasing consumption, and the struggle to meet the needs of the global population. Our conference will invite discussion on how the industries that feed the growing need for goods are fostering the wellbeing of the global population. In an age where coca-cola can reach remote communities faster than appropriate healthcare, should we be looking to redress the prevalence of capitalism over altruism?

We hope to explore the impact of industrial expansion on the health of local workers; the effect of the food, alcohol and tobacco industries on population health; how a country’s economic development evolves its healthcare system; the environmental impact of increased consumption and much more.

More information and tickets are available on the website. The Southampton Medsin group will be booking a minibus for the weekend; email nk13g09@soton . ac . uk to save yourself a place.

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