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Find resources and presentations from previous events below.

Seminar: What are we good for? Social responsibility as a core goal (30 April 2014)

Julian Skyrme, Director of Social Responsibility at University of Manchester

In his presentation (pdf) Julian spoke about Manchester's journey of putting social responsibility as one of just three core goals, culminating in the launch of an ambitious strategy around five strategic priorities and a handful of 'Signature Programmes' aimed at addressing major social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges.

Educating Global Citizens Conference: Green Academy as a vehicle for students and staff partnerships for Education for Sustainable Development (25 February 2014)

Educating global citizens: Green Academy as a vehicle for students and staff partnerships for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) - Simon Kemp, University of Southampton
This presentation (pdf) explores the background to the Green Academy Programme and provides the context for the student appetite for sustainability, and the potential for student-staff partnerships as a driver for ESD.

Students as partners, students as leaders - Charlotte Taylor, NUS
This session (pdf) looked at the growing agenda of ESD in students’ unions, and argue that inspiring and empowering students as partners, change agents and leaders for sustainability is an approach worth striving for.

Reflections on the Green Office Model - Felix Spira, Rootability
The presentation (pdf) discussed experiences from 3.5 years of working with the Green Office Model across five universities in the UK and the Netherlands to advance student-led and staff supported change towards sustainability in higher education.

Student sustainability activism: Linking the formal and informal curriculum - Zoe Robinson, Keele University
This session (pdf) explored how the formal curriculum can play an important role in catalysing student sustainability activism, through bringing like-minded students together, stimulating ideas for activism, and providing staff support, and the role of student-led activity in driving sustainability developments into the institution.

Whose curriculum is it anyway? - Julie Wintrup, Marcus Burton and Kelly Wakefield, University of Southampton
This session (pdf) questioned traditional interpretations of student engagement in curriculum design, offering examples of more radical approaches to student as co-designer and agent of institutional change


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