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February 2014 Research News

Climate change threatens to cause trillions in damage to world’s coastal regions if they do not adapt to sea-level rise
04 February 2014
New research predicts that coastal regions may face massive increases in damages from storm surge flooding over the course of the 21st century.

The ‘choosy uterus’: new insight into why embryos do not implant
10 February 2014
Fertility experts at the University of Southampton and University of Warwick have found new insights into why some fertilized eggs can embed in a uterus and why some do not.

Opening up access to STEM subjects for students with disabilities
11 February 2014
Access to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects could be opened up for students with learning disabilities or print disabilities such as visual impairments and dyslexia, thanks to new government funding for a team of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS) researchers.

Better training needed to help new teachers promote healthy lifestyles to children
12 February 2014
Research by the University of Southampton suggests new teachers could be better trained to help them promote health and lifestyle issues to children in schools.

New insight into protein misfolding in neurodegenerative disorders
14 February 2014
Research by the University of Southampton has provided new insight into the consequence of accumulated ‘misfolded proteins’ in neurodegenerative disorders, such as Prion and Alzheimer’s disease.

A ‘perfect storm’ is on the way and we need to prepare ourselves
17 February 2014
Scientists are warning we are undertaking “the greatest challenge we have ever faced” in trying to get more from the earth to feed the world’s growing population.

Lifesaving defibrillators should be as available as fire extinguishers
20 February 2014
The restricted availability of defibrillators, and poor understanding of how to use them, is helping to boost the number of deaths from heart attacks occurring outside hospitals, a Southampton study suggests.

Degree educated nurses can reduce hospital deaths
26 February 2014
Hospital nurse staffing, and the proportion of nurses with bachelor’s education, are associated with significantly fewer deaths after routine surgery, according to Southampton research published today in the Lancet.

Scientists highlight the importance of nutrients for coral reefs
27 February 2014
A new publication from researchers at the University of Southampton and the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton highlights the importance of nutrients for coral reef survival.

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