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The University of Southampton
Sustainability Action

Student Presentations

The student parallel presentation sessions showcased undergraduate and postgraduate research that is changing the world for the better.

Student presenter

Download the presentations grouped across ten broad themes. Read the full abstracts in the Delegate Handbook (pdf).

Global Politics & Economics

The End of Religious Tolerance? Research into 21st Century Terrorism and Its Social Effects: Rebekah Rackett (University of Southampton) - theme winner (pdf)

Can Corporate Social Responsibility be responsible?: Sophia Sun (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Global Citizenship

A Study of Environmental and Other Factors in Migration in Rwanda and China, 1982-2000: Joel Foreman (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Young People and Governance in Ikorodu, Nigeria: Jonathan Ham (University of Southampton) - theme winner (pdf)

Managing Resources and Conservation

Factors Influencing Conservation of Local Wildlife: Xavier McNally (University of Southampton) (pdf)

The relative Importance of Wild and Farmed Fish for Traders and Consumers in the Fish Value Chain in Southern Malawi: Heather Brown and Sophie Hocart (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Peak Oil: Samantha Pritchard (Manchester Metropolitan University) - theme winner (pdf)

Community Energy

Bottom line of Community Energy: Mehrnaz Tajmir (University of Bath) - theme winner (pdf)

Energize Worcester Phase 2: Daniel Braconnier, Keaton Goddard, Stephanie Puckett and Danny Ruiz-Cadalso (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) (pdf)

Global Energy

The Charge Project: Matthew Norman and Jack Covey (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Sustainability of Shallow Geothermal Energy Applications: Oleskandra Pedchenko (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Covalent Immobilisation of Enzymes as Catalysts for Biofuel Cell Applications: Marta Meneghello (University of Southampton) - theme winner (pdf)


Money Makes the World Go Round! Sustainability and the Corporate World (NB: change in research topic from the original abstract): Jasleen Amber Kaur Mahal (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Genetics and Food Security in the Developing World: Sonal Chagan (University of Leicester) (pdf)

Drought Tolerance in Bioenergy Crops: Joseph Mattocks, Jack Bailey-Bale and Isobel Tickner (University of Southampton) - theme winner (pdf)

The Potential of Agent-Based Modelling as a Tool to Unravel the Complexity of Household Food Security: a Case Study of Rural Southern Malawi: Samantha Dobbie (University of Southampton) (pdf)

More Crop per Drop - Reducing the Water Footprint of Fresh Herbs: Libby Rowland (University of Southampton) (pdf)


Do Mental Illness and Relative Poverty Affect Household Portfolio Choice? An Empirical Analysis of the USA and the UK: Di Wang (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Derivation and Use of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Lines as Model for Mechanistic Analysis of Periconceptional Developmental Programming: Pooja Khurana (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Effects of Attachment Styles on Attitudes Towards Prenuptial Agreements: Ritika Kochhar (University of Southampton) - theme winner (pdf)


A Pilot Study: Computational Analysis of a Cause and Treatment of Knee Pain in Young Adults and Adolescents: Shruti Verma (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Effect of Manganese-Doped Cobalt Oxide Calcination Temperature on the Bifunctional Catalysis of the Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Reactions: Alexander Pateman (University of Southampton) - theme winner (pdf)

Increasing Sustainability through Optimisation: Timothy Deehan and June Lovitt (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Diethyl Ether as Green Carbon Source in the Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Chemical Vapor Deposition: Alejandro Duran Navarro (Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo) (pdf)

Universities & Society

Integration of Sustainable Development in Higher Education: A Case Study in Southampton: Emma Wong (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Exploring Responsible Knowledge Exchange: Linda Baines (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Engineering Thinking: A Research into Theory, Practice and the Development of Critical Thinking Skills within Foundation Year Programme: Sevendy Patchamuthu (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Repair Cafe II: Emma Turton, Jack Viens, Matthew Micciolo and Tiffany Leung (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) - theme winner (pdf)

Urban Regeneration

Assessing England’s Green Belt: Seeking Best Practice in Review Methodologies: Rebecca Keens (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Valuing the Benefits of Public Realm Design: A Case Study of Southampton: Jade Cohen (University of Southampton) - theme winner (pdf)

Adaptive Re-Use: A Sustainable Solution for Southampton's Bargate Shopping Centre?: Dominika Slotwinski (University of Southampton) (pdf)

Worcester Arts Business Plan:Anya Prevallet-Kinstle, Jorge Santana, Kelley Slabinski and Cassandra Tomerlin (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) - overall symposium winner (pdf)

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