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The University of Southampton
TAG 2016 Southampton


S1. Archaeology Is a Political Matter

S2. Building through Time and Space

S3. Dead Body Language: Positioning, Posture, and Representation of the Corpse

S4. digiTAG 2: Archaeological Storytelling and the ‘Digital Turn’

S5. Digital Visualisation beyond the Image: Archaeological Visualisation-Making in Practice

S6. Don't Shoot the Messenger: Interpreting Archaeological Data to Inform Practitioners and Policy Makers

S7. Enchanting Objects and Ways of Seeing: Visuality and Response in Prehistoric Europe

S8. Exploring the History of Prehistory

S9. Following Things in Motion: Object Itineraries in Archaeological Practice

S10. From Amateurs to Auteurs: In Defence of Authorship in Archaeological Visualisations

S11. Gender, Sex and Minority [In]Equality in Archaeology: A Series of Pecha Kucha Presentations with Round Table Discussion

S12. Gone to Earth: Uncovering Landscape Narrative through Visual Creative Practice

S13. Images in the Making: Art-Process-Archaeology

S14. Imagine This! the Familiar and the Strange in Archaeological Mediation

S15. Integrating Science, Technology and Theory in Prehistoric Archaeology

S16. Life and Death of Artefacts: A Biographical Approach to Ritual Practice

S17. Lost In Time

S18. Out of Sight, out of Mind? Visualisation Strategies for Evoking Memories of the Dead

S19. Praxis and Practice. Reflecting on Fieldwork, Data and Approaches to Sites and Landscapes

S20. Sightations Café

S21. Skeletons, Stories, and Social Bodies

S22. The Invisible Essence of Mixed Matter: Envisioning a Material Culture Theory of Substance

S23. Theoretical Archaeology in India: 21st Century

S24. Thinking through Archaeology and the Environmental Humanities

S25. Typology and Relational Theory

S26. Understanding Maritime Populations: the Human Context of Ancient Ports

S27. Unvisualising Rock and Cave Art

S28. Visualising People in Past Landscapes

S29. Visualising Skyscapes: Material Forms of Cultural Engagement with the Heavens

S30. Visualising the Body

S31. Visualising Words: Archaeological Narrative through Poetry, Image and Performance

S32. What Can Archaeologists Learn from Skateboarders?

S33. Where ‘Strangers and Brothers/Sisters’ Meet: Places of Congregation in Archaeology

S34. General Session

S35. Comics Workshop with Hannah Sackett and John Swogger

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