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The University of Southampton
Transforming Creativity Research Group


The group publishes high quality academic outputs relevant to the fields of media, cultural industries, everyday and activist media cultures, critical making, and playful, critical and speculative design for cultural experience. It also organises events both at WSA and outside the university, engages in public debate on issues relevant to its core area as well as develops grant applications for new projects.


Selected recent publications:

Ashton, D., & Giddings, S. (2018). At work in the toybox: bedrooms, playgrounds and ideas of play in creative cultural workThe International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, 19(2), 81-89.

Ashton, D. (2017). Railway arches, entrepreneurs, and culture-led urban regenerationCultural Industry Research, 17(2), 244-252.

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Begum, L., & Anjum, M. (2018). Friendship as a mode of sustainable change in the ready-made-garment sector in Bangladesh. In N. Banerjea, D. Dasgupta, R. K. Dasgupta, & J. M. Grant (Eds.), Friendship as Social Justice Activism: Critical Solidarities in a Global Perspective (pp. 187-198). University of Chicago Press.

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Staff, postgraduate researchers and affiliated members


Staff, postgraduate researchers and affiliated members

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