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The University of Southampton
TEAtime lecture series

About us

TEAtime is an engaging, informative lecture series which aims to connect current world-class research to A-level content.

TEAtime biography:

TEAtime lecture series began in 2010, initially just offering lectures in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects. Since then over 1,300 of sixth form students have been involved in workshops and lectures across a wide variety of subjects.

In 2012 TEAtime expanded to include Humanities subjects and this academic year (2013-2014) we are pleased to announce the inclusion of Social Sciences.

TEAtime is Co-ordinated by the UK Student Recruitment and Outreach office and compliments our program of post-16 opportunities including Ask the Expert, Learn with US (transition) , Pathways to Law and our flagship Access to Southampton Scheme.


The purpose of TEAtime is to connect A-level (or equivalent) content with current world-class research. TEAtime also highlights the interdisciplinary nature of research by setting a theme for each event where leading academics and early career researchers present their research and link with the theme.

All events are based at our Highfield Campus enabling students to experience 'life on campus'. Colleges will be accompanied by a Student Ambassador who will guide them through the event and be on hand to answer any questions about University life and undergraduate study.


57% of participants who have attended TEAtime say that it has influenced their decision to take further study in both STEM and Humanities subjects.

Participants have commented:
"It made me see the Universe in a different way" [Student, 2011]
"I learnt about how nanotechnology could be used to treat cancer" [Student, 2012]
"I learnt Auschwitz liberated more survivors before it closed" [Student, 2013]
"I learnt about courses, bursaries and accommodation" [Student, 2013]

Teachers have stated:
"We have found them extremely motivational and hope that Southampton Uni is able to continue the programme next year." [Teacher, 2013]
"The students were full of enthusiasm on the return trip" [ Teacher, 2011]
"I learnt loads! We'll come again!" [Teacher, 2012]

 TEAtime speakers comment:
"It is great to see the immediate impact of my research on a young audience" [Speaker, 2012]
"TEAtime is great experience for upcoming conferences and other talks" [Speaker, 2011]
" TEAtime has increased confidence in my engagement and outreach skills." [Speaker, 2013]

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