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TEAtime lecture series

Social Sciences

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Keynote Lecture: Eloise Harding: Faces of Power

Date and Theme: 19/03/2015 ; Power and Control

Keynote Lecture: Joshua Pollard: Crazy Monuments and Cargo Cults: What Happens When Cultures Meet

Date and Theme: 27/11/2014 ; Social Change

Lecture Summary: This lecture will explore some of the unusual outcomes brought about by the meeting of very different cultures. A particular focus will be on how societies respond to these ‘disrupting’ events through the building of monuments and the performance of cult activities. Two case studies will be used: the first relating to Stonehenge and other large Neolithic (3rd millennium BC) monuments in southern England, and the first appearance of metal using groups from Continental Europe; the second exploring events in Polynesia at the time of European exploration and contact during the 18th-early 20th centuries.  While quite disparate in time and space, common themes can be found.

Keynote Lecture: Graham Baxendale - Wealth and Poverty

Date and Theme: 18/03/2014 ; Wealth and Poverty

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