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The University of Southampton
TEAtime lecture series


The TEAtime STEM strand is an exciting and innovative way for 6th form and college students to engage with current research at the University of Southampton. We offer a series of free events and online resources aimed at inspiring students and resourcing teachers.


Dates and themes for the 2014/15 STEM TEAtime events have now been confirmed:

2nd October 2014 - Exploring the Depths

About 71% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. Yet how much to we know about what’s hidden in the depths? Drawing on the expertise of the staff and students of the Centre for Maritime Archaeology at the University of Southampton, we’ll be discussing topics such as; the impact of changing sea-levels on the geography of our planet and the legacy they have left behind; the development of seafaring technologies; and the emergence of globalised economies. We’ll also take a look at the science and technology behind data collection, from diver based research to cutting edge remote sensing techniques.

27th November 2014 - Our Changing World

Our world is changing at an alarming rate. Join us to discover how scientists at the University of Southampton are at the forefront of research into transforming the everyday waste that we generate into an alternative energy source. Find out how sediment core samples can give us an insight into past climate change, and help us when forecasting future changes. And hear first-hand about fieldwork carried out in Vietnam which found how interferences with the earth’s natural system can cause adverse effect on local land users.

12th February 2015 - Innovative Engineering

Engineering can be experienced in all parts of our daily lives: from switching on a computer, to making a phone call; flying in a plane; and even wearing your favourite perfume. During this session we’ll explore the ways in which engineers are stretching the boundaries of modern technology and innovation and developing ground-breaking products that are changing lives.

19th March 2015 - Light

Light is everywhere in our world. We need it to see; it carries information from the world to our eyes and brains. Yet are you aware of how many of the new technologies around us use light for things other than vision? During this session we’ll consider how the internet works using laser light; how the path of light can be controlled using optical fibres; and how the University of Southampton is paving the way in high speed internet that is testing the laws of physics. This event is to celebrate the International Year of Light 2015:

For more information on these events, including how to book visit the College and Booking Information page.

Within each topic a range of workshops and lectures connect students with current University research in a thoughtful and interactive way. For further information about these events and the researchers involved visit the TEAtime Events page.

Online Resources

You can watch and listen to past TEAtime lectures by selecting subjects from the left-hand menu. Further lectures will be added after each TEAtime event and we encourage teachers to use these resources to enhance and support their STEM teaching.  

I was impressed by the workshop and how interactive it was

I have learnt more about global warming, more on UAV design and a lot more - it's fun!

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