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The University of Southampton
TEAtime lecture series

Physics and Astronomy

Details of upcoming physics and astronomy TEAtime lectures and workshops and videos of past TEAtime keynote lectures.

Keynote Lecture: João P. Valente - Metamaterials, A Playground for Light

Date and Theme: 19th March 2014. 'Light'

Lecture Summary: 2015 is the International Year of Light and therefore we will discuss how the fastest thing in the Universe can be used to overcome some of the World’s most interesting challenges. From optical computers (rather than electronic ones) to invisibility, this talk will explore one of the most exciting fields of current research: Metamaterials.

Metamaterials will play a dominant role in overcoming challenges in telecommunications, data processing and storage, imaging and even “camouflage”. Here we will go from the definition of Metamaterials to their application and how they can enable us to solve some of the presented issues. By presenting research activities ongoing in the Centre for Photonic Metamaterials, we hope a new vision on Light can shine on you


Keynote Lecture: Alexander Merle - Come to the dark side - We have cookies

Date and Theme: 20th March 2013. 'Exploration and Discovery'

Lecture Summary: Exploring the interconnections between particle physics and astronomy. Explaining the Universe through particle physics.

Keynote Lecture: Justin Lovegrove - The Quantum Revolution

Wednesday 9th November, 2011

Video coming soon

Lecture Summary: Starting with an overview of the state of physics at the beginning of the 20th century, this lecture looks at the experiments and new theoretical developments that led to the formation of quantum mechanics.

Keynote Lecture: Niels Warburton - Multi-messenger Astronomy

Wednesday 12th October, 2011

 Video coming soon

Lecture Summary: Black holes by their very nature cannot be seen, but they can be heard. This talk focuses on the new ways that we are learning to see and hear the universe.

Keynote Lecture: Niels Warburton -Black hole mirrors and the self-force

Thursday 17th March, 2011

Video coming soon

Keynote Lecture: Dr Angelo Grubisic - Space Physiology: The effects of long duration spaceflight on the human body

Date and Theme: Thursday 21st October, 2010

Video coming soon

Useful links:

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2.Astronautics Research Group, University of Southampton
3.NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
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