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Technicians at Southampton

Becoming a technician

Becoming a Technician at Southampton

Most Technicians at the University of Southampton start their career here by applying directly for a job. The term "Technician" at the University of Southampton is used to represent a myriad of disciplines from Science, Engineering, Skilled crafts, the Arts and more. Technician posts are generally found in our Technical and Experimental (TAE) career pathway and so if you are thinking about joining us as a skilled, qualified or experienced technician then a good place to look for opportunities is here although there are also occasionally opportunities for the less experienced looking to build a career too.

The University of Southampton doesn't tend to recruit technicians at any particular time of year or in defined recruitment drives so it is well worth signing up to our email service which can be configured to send you, for example, all the vacancies in the TAE career pathway. You can refine your requirements with keywords and a desired salary range too. The University also offers apprenticeships for people looking to enter into or progress their career as a technician, these opportunities are advertised here:

Sign up to the email service to get alerts for opportunities and follow the links to apply through the government apprenticeship website.

So far I have especially enjoyed working in the aquarium due to the diverse tasks that I learn about and complete. I'm also continuously intrigued and fascinated by the various practicals that I help set up as they are on topics I've never explored before

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