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The University of Southampton
Technicians at Southampton


Many of the research, manufacturing and enterprise facilities here at Southampton are managed or supported by technicians. These include high-tech manufacturing facilities and industrial scale engineering facilities as well as cutting edge research suites. Click on one of our ‘featured facilities’ below to find out more about how our technicians are making a difference by managing and running these state of the art services.

Plant Growth Facility

Plant Growth Facility

The plant growth facility at Southampton is an essential facility, supporting undergraduate study projects and vital research.

Flow Cytometry Facility

Flow Cytometry Facility

The Flow Cytometry Core Facility provides expert advice and training in the use of flowcytometry equipment to differentiate, count and sort cell populations.

The LEAF Initiative


What is LEAF? The Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) has been developed by UCL to help Lab managers, technical staff, academics, and students address environmental sustainability issues in the labs that they work in.

LEAF is endorsed by Universities UK and a growing number of institutions are participating.


LEAF is a bespoke toolkit to enhance sustainability and efficiency in Laboratories. Evidencing improved sustainability practice in laboratories through benchmarking with LEAF would enhance the reputation of University of Southampton.

The LEAF initiative will help you improve the sustainability and efficiency of your laboratories.

LEAF at Southampton

Introduction to LEAF

By Peter Morgan

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