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The University of Southampton
Technicians at Southampton

Technical roles

Our technicians play a diverse range of roles here at Southampton, directly contributing to our teaching and research activities as well as providing the support that underpins these activities. Most technicians are employed on the Technical and Experimental pathway, but the technical community is represented across all job families. Here are just a few of the important roles played by technicians:

Sample weighing and encapsulation in the SIRMS weighing room.
David Teager-Portman, WSA technician.
David Teager-Portman, WSA technician, teaches plaster cast making.
Tilly Rose, WSA textiles technician.
Tilly Rose, WSA textiles technician, teaches screenprinting.
Dan Doran, SOES Rock Lab technician.
Dan Doran, SOES Rock Lab technician, teaching rock polishing.
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Andy Reaney, Specialist Printmaking Technician at WSA teaching students how to do screenprinting in layers in the Printmaking Workshop.
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Cameron Murray checking the pressure on a Liquid Helium dewar.
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David Norris preparing bacterial cultures for undergraduate microbiology practicals.
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Gary Fisher, SOES Technical Manager, aboard Callista during fieldwork.
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Helga Matos operating a loom in the woven textiles workshop.
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Peter Morgan collecting GPS data on a field deployment at Reighton Sands.
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Teaching students to conduct topographic surveys using industry standard surveying equipment such as the terrestrial laser scanner.
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Matt O'Shaughnessy SOES biology technician, checking the salinity of a seawater sample.
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Deploying uncrewed airborne vehicles (UAVs, “drones”) to carry out airborne photography.
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George Clarke SOES aquarium research technician, measuring the pH of a coral aquarium system.
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Lucy Brehaut SOES apprentice technician, identifying phytoplankton.
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Supporting research fieldwork to develop new methodologies to measure leaf area index.
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Sampling river sediments.
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