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The University of Southampton
Adolescent asthma study

Information for participants

We have previously interviewed adolescents with asthma to find out how it affects their lives and gather suggestions as to how we can better help them. We discovered that healthcare professionals do not effectively communicate with their adolescent patients; for example they use medical jargon, allow parents to dominate consultations and do not provide adolescents with an opportunity for confidentiality.

This lack of engagement between teenagers and their healthcare professionals could explain why teenagers do not always develop their potential for good asthma self-management skills and may also explain their ongoing asthma symptoms. We believe that healthcare professionals need to take a different approach to interacting with this patient group.

The aim of this project is to develop a new adolescent approach for young people with asthma and evaluate whether this new approach improves their symptom control in clinical practice and improves their self-management of the disease. There are two phases to the project. In Phase I we will find out more about the barriers that young people with asthma face in self-managing the disease. We will use this information to develop the new adolescent approach that will be trialled in Phase II of the project.

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Would you like more information about taking part in the study?

If you would like more information about taking part in the study, download the relevant information sheets (which can be found to the right of the page). There are separate information sheets for teenagers, parents, and healthcare professionals.

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