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The University of Southampton
The Alan Turing Institute

Data Science Seminar: Five Big Challenges in Big Health Data Event

11:00 - 12:00
9 March 2016
Room 3077, Building 32, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton SO17 1BJ

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Event details

The analysis of big data is already generating economic and social benefits, but care is needed in applying these techniques in healthcare. This talk will explore five big challenges that need to be addressed to maximise the benefits of big data analytics in healthcare: 1. Data quality in healthcare 2. Developing sufficiently reliable inference methods to inform healthcare decisions 3. Confidentiality and the implementation of trusted research platforms 4. Data analyst capacity 5. Clear communication of analytical results

Speaker information

Professor Jeremy Wyatt,Wessex Institute of Health & ResearchDirector, Faculty of Medicine, University of Southampton,was appointed Leadership chair in eHealth Research at Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, after setting up and directing the Institute for Digital Health Care in Warwick University for two-and-a-half years. Before Warwick, Jeremy Wyatt directed the Dundee Health Informatics & eHealth Centre, set up and directed a new R&D programme for NICE, was visiting professor in Oxford, Amsterdam and Oporto Universities and the NHS Academic Adviser on knowledge management. He was trained as a hospital physician in Oxford, London and Glasgow and then in medical informatics at Stanford and London Universities. His research explores how to design and evaluate complex interventions such as technologies for disseminating evidence, supporting self-care (e.g. telehealth) and preventing long-term conditions (e.g. Apps, SMS messages).

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