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Women in Data Science and AI project launched

Published: 10 October 2019
Women in Data Science & AI

Data scientists and AI professionals are in great demand. Machine learning and data science are now the fastest growing professions in the US, and as our ability to collect and analyse data improves, demand for data scientists will continue to increase. By 2020, more than 2.7 million data scientist job openings are forecast to be advertised in the US alone.

Visit the dedicated Women in data science and AI hub; a place to connect women in DS and AI with resources, news and research, and gather feedback about the needs of the community. The page below contains the background to the Women in Data Science and AI project.

As the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence, The Alan Turing Institute is committed to redressing gender inequality in these fields. We are setting up the women in data science and AI research project as a step towards fulfilling that responsibility. The Turing will contribute towards tackling the gender gap by doing what it does best: using data science and AI to produce research that informs our understanding of the issue. Research, on its own, is rarely sufficient to tackle such a prevalent problem, so we will use the Institute’s convening power to turn our research insights and recommendations into concrete policy measures aimed at increasing the number of women in data science and AI professions. We firmly believe that it is time to address the connection between the lack of diversity in the AI community and bias in the technical products that are produced by the community.

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