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The University of Southampton
The Alan Turing Institute

Data Pitch: Data-driven innovation programme Event

14:00 - 15:00
11 December 2017
Room 3077 Building 32

For more information regarding this event, please email Johanna Walker at .

Event details

Data Pitch is a €7m EU-funded open innovation project bringing together corporates and public sector organisations that have data, with startups and SMEs working with data. Data can be reused and repurposed in multiple ways to solve specific challenges. Data from organisations has the potential to create huge value for private and public sector organisations but often only a small percentage of this is exploited. There are many SMEs and startups across Europe that are building innovative solutions using data and new technologies. Many of them struggle to get access to data from public and private sector organisations to develop real-case pilot projects. Data Pitch bridges the gap that these two groups face, supporting them throughout the process, reducing risk and providing the necessary expertise and credibility. In this seminar we will outline the approach to innovation with shared data taken by Data Pitch, and describe some of the issues that have arisen in data sharing, especially with regards to personal data and business use-cases, and how we have addressed them.


Event video

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