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The University of Southampton
The Alan Turing Institute

Pint of Science 2019: Universal Equations: Understanding the Universe through Theory and Math Event

Pint of Science
21 May 2019
Mettricks Guildhall, 1 Guildhall Place/157 Park Walk, Southampton, SO14 7DU

Event details

Come and listen to a talk with Turing Fellow, Professor Jacek Brodzki. Doors open at 18.30, talks begin at 19.00 until 22.30.

Is the Earth flat?

While astronomy, space travel, and everyday experience provide ample evidence that the Earth is approximately a ball, is there a way to test this hypothesis using just the geometric measurements we can perform on the surface of the planet? The talk will introduce the fascinating world of curved geometry that provides a basis for modern understanding of our world and the Universe in which it is located.

About the festival

The Pint of Science festival aims to deliver interesting and relevant talks on the latest science research in an accessible format to the public – mainly across bars and pubs. It's aim is to provide a platform which allows people to discuss research with the people who carry it out and no prior knowledge of the subject is required. It is run mainly by volunteers and was established by a community of postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers in 2012.


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