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Theano: Supporting Women in Science, Engineering and Technology

About us

Theano evolved from branch of Women’s Engineering Society (WES) which was set up and thrived in the early 1990’s at the University of Southampton.

Theano works closely with Athena project to promote the advancement of women in science, engineering and technology in higher education. Theano offers a rich community that provides support, guidance, and professional development for both female students and staff in science, engineering, and technology at the University of Southampton. Through education, mentoring support and engaged networking, Theano strives to serve all members, so they can achieve their full potential. Theano also works closely with employers and other organizations.

Theano is a networking group bringing together women from all the different faculties and academic units at the University of Southampton. These include the faculty of Engineering and Environment, the faculty of Physical and Applied Science and the faculty of Natural and Environmental Science. Membership is free and automatic for female undergraduates, post-graduates, academics and members of staff. Everyone from the University is welcome at our meetings.

The current Co-ordinator of Theano is Dr. Ghaithaa Manla. Theano is open to all female students and academic staff within the University of Southampton. Theano welcomes men as members, attendees or speakers at events. This is due to the fact that Theano believes that women and men in engineering, science and technology at the university are professional colleagues so it is important for Theano to welcome all. Contact us to find out more and to get involved.

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