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The University of Southampton

Organising event travel

For advice on planning and organising campus events, please contact the Conference, Events & Hospitality Office who will help you to obtain the required approvals.


There is coach drop off point in the Interchange alongside the pre-booked visitor’s car park. If coaches require parking for the duration of their visit then they can usually be accommodated at Avenue campus. Please contact Parking Services to book a drop off time at the Interchange and parking at Avenue. This enables us to safely monitor traffic flows in the Interchange and reserve space as required.


We would encourage event organisers to advertise the public transport links to the University detailed on Getting to Southampton.

Any event requiring parking for more than five vehicles must be arranged through Parking Services. Demand will then be scheduled to ensure that the car parking capacity in Hampton Car Park and at Avenue Campus is not exceeded. Where there is no available capacity at academic campuses parking facilities may be offered at Wessex Lane Halls.

Departments running preview days will only be offered parking at Wessex Lane and they may choose to arrange park and ride tickets via Uni-link. Where appropriate, vehicles spaces will be coned off for a specific event and, if necessary, a car park attendant will be on duty to direct parking.

Park and Ride services are provided for Open Days and Graduation.

Business Travel

Staff and students are encouraged to follow this hierarchy when deciding on whether to attend a meeting or conference off site:

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