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The University of Southampton

Halls of residence parking permits

The University has been asked by Southampton City Council to notify students that it is the Council’s policy that residents of City Gateway and Mayflower Halls are not entitled, (unless they are a holder of a disabled persons badge issued pursuant to Section 21 of the Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Act 1970), to be granted a Residents Parking Permit to park a vehicle in a residents parking bay, and will not be able to buy a contract to park within any car park controlled or licensed by the City Council.

Halls of Residence parking (except Mayflower & City Gateway)

Parking restrictions are in place 24 hours a day on University of Southampton Halls of Residences sites, including out of term. We lift restrictions temporarily to allow students to move in or out of their accommodation each term and these dates are displayed within the hall's reception area.

A University of Southampton parking permit must be displayed when parking on any hall of residence site, in accordance with University Parking Regulations and as shown on entrance signs to the site.

Spaces are extremely limited at all halls of residences and students are not permitted to park at their accommodation.

Residents of University-owned halls in Southampton receive a Unilink bus pass allowing bus travel between all University sites and across the city.

If you are living in a University of Southampton hall of residence, you are eligible to apply for a parking permit for one of the halls of residences only if you meet one of the following criteria;

Eligible students may make an application for a parking permit via the link that can be found on the SUSSED portal, under the student tab and within the Travel & Transport section. Only once a permit has been issued issued is parking authorised. Yearly permits run from 1st September until 31st August and monthly permits expire at the end of 28 consecutive days. We do not send reminders for you to reapply for a new monthly permit. 

Refunds are available only on annual permits for complete and unused months remaining at the time of permit surrender, monthly permits are not refundable. 

If you do not have a parking permit to park at a hall of residence you are not authorised to park, unless it is during one of the authorised periods published within your halls reception area for moving in/out of your accommodation.  

Motorcycle parking

You do not need a permit to park a motor cycle or scooter however, it must be parked in a considerate manner not within a car parking space and without blocking any building entrance or exit or on a footpath. 

Visitors at Halls (except Mayflower and City Gateway) 

Halls of residence reception areas display the dates when parking restrictions are temporarily suspended to allow students to move in or out of their accommodation. Outside of these dates you should contact to make alternative parking arrangements.

Students are eligible to purchase one pack of (3) day visitor permits per term for use by their visitors. These are purchased via the Online Store via the link found within your halls of residence tab. These permits are valid for the day scratched off and until 10am the following morning. They are valid for use by students visitors and will be void if used by a University of Southampton student.

City Gateway and Mayflower Halls do not have visitor parking spaces available on site however, there are public car parks nearby or you may use a visitor permit to park at another University of Southampton hall of residence.

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