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Our interdisciplinary approach offers flexibility and choice to tailor a programme of study that is perfect for you and your career ambitions, through a variety of options.

Interdisciplinary modules

Depending on your course, you may be able to pick modules from other subjects when selecting your optional modules. These modules allow you to broaden your knowledge across topics and boost your appeal to employers.

The offering of interdisciplinary modules evolves each year. Options include modules such as Global Health, Business Skills for Employability and Ethics in a Complex World.

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I chose the module as it complements my Psychology degree nicely. The content sparked my interest in biology and medicine and it certainly did not disappoint. The module has provided me with a taste of what it would be like to shift the focus of my learning into a more medical aspect.

Major/Minor options

Some of our courses offer the opportunity to study a Minor subject alongside your main programme of study.

The Minor will be in a different area to your subject. You would be required to complete and pass 37.5 ECTS from the defined 'Minor' group or 45 ECTS of languages during the course of your degree. Upon successful completion the Minor will appear on your degree certificate as "Degree name with a Minor in Minor Subject".

Full details about the Minors available to eligible students are provided in the first semester of the first year.

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Credit-bearing language modules

You may be able to study a language as one of your optional modules. Languages form an integral part of today’s job market and the ability to speak another language will help you stand out to employers.

The options include different stages, from beginner to near-native speaker level, in a range of languages.

You can take these modules as optional modules within your degree or as a Minor subject.

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Modern languages evening classes and summer courses

Another way to learn a language is to take classes alongside your degree. These classes offer no formal qualification or provide any credit, but offer the chance to study a language for free.

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Study abroad

Make the most of your university experience by studying overseas for part of your degree.

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