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Interdisciplinary modules

For most degree programmes you take eight modules in each year of your degree. Some of these will be compulsory modules that you must take, but in most cases you could also take some optional modules. You can choose to take an interdisciplinary module to broaden your studies outside of your course subject area.

Interdisciplinary modules give you new perspectives and access to innovative approaches to teaching and assessment. You can develop transferable skills for your future, whatever you go on to do. The list of these modules evolves and develops every year.

Places on these modules are allocated on a first come, first served basis, as numbers have been capped to provide the best possible experience. If your course is eligible you will be able to select these modules via the Online Option System when you select your other module choices during the year.

If your course is listed below then you will be eligible to choose interdisciplinary modules. The list of interdisciplinary modules you can take may differ by course, details will be provided in your first semester when you choose your modules.

Can't find your course? Email to find out if you could be eligible to take interdisciplinary modules.


BSc Accounting & Economics
BSc Accounting and Finance
BSc Accounting and Finance with Placement
BEng Acoustical Engineering
MEng Acoustical Engineering
BSc Acoustics and Music
BSc Acoustics with Music
BA Applied English Language Studies
BA Archaeology
BSc Archaeology
BA Archaeology & Anthropology
BA Archaeology & Anthropology (Year Abroad)
BA Archaeology & Geography
BA Archaeology & Geography (Year Abroad)
BA Archaeology & History
BA Archaeology (Year Abroad)
BSc Archaeology (Year Abroad)
MPhys Astrophysics (Year Abroad)


BSc Biochemistry
BSc Biology
BSc Biology (Part-time)
BSc Biomedical Sciences
BSc Business Analytics
BSc Business Analytics with Placement
BSc Business Entrepreneurship
BSc Business Entrepreneurship with Placement
BSc Business History not recruiting for 2018
BSc Business History with Placement not recruiting for 2018
BSc Business Innovation not recruiting for 2018
BSc Business Innovation with Placement not recruiting for 2018
BSc Business Management
BSc Business Management with Placement
BSc Business Philosophy not recruiting for 2018
BSc Business Philosophy with Placement not recruiting for 2018
Master of Biomedical Sciences
MBiochem Master of Biochemistry
MSci Biology


BSc Chemistry
MChem Chemistry
MChem Chemistry (6 month placement)
MChem Chemistry (1 year placement)
MEng Civil & Environmental Engineering
MEng Civil Eng with Year in Industry
BEng Civil Engineering
MEng Civil Engineering
MEng Computer Science with MSS
BSc Computer Science
MEng Computer Science
BSc Criminology
BSc Criminology & Psychology


BSc Economics & Finance
BSc Economics
MEcon Economics
BSc Economics & Actuarial Science
BSc Economics & Management Sciences
BA Economics & Philosophy
BA Economics & Philosophy (Year Abroad)
BSc Education
BSc Education and Psychology
MEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering
BEng Electrical & Electronic Engineering
MEng Electronic Eng with MSS
BEng Electronic Engineering
MEng Electronic Engineering
BA English
BA English & French
BA English & German
BA English & History
BA English & History (Year Abroad)
BA English & Music
BA English & Music (Year Abroad)
BA English & Philosophy
BA English & Spanish
BA English (Year Abroad)
MEng Environmental Engineering
BSc Environmental Science
Master Environmental Science
BSc Environmental Sciences
MSc Environmental Sciences


BA Film
BA Film & English
BA Film & English (Year Abroad)
BA Film & French
BA Film & German
BA Film & History (Year Abroad)
BA Film & Philosophy
BA Film & Spanish
BA Film (Year Abroad)
BA Film and History
MPhys Final Year Exp Physics
BA French
MLang French
BA French & German
MLang French & German
BA French & History
BA French & Music
BA French & Philosophy
BA French & Portuguese
MLang French & Portuguese
BA French & Spanish
MLang French & Spanish
BA French Linguistic Studies
MLang French Linguistic Studies


BA Geography
BSc Geography
BSc Geography and Ocean
BSc Geography with Geology
BA German
MLang German
BA German & History
BA German & Music
BA German & Philosophy
BA German & Spanish
MLang German and Spanish
BA German Linguistic Studies
MLang German Linguistics


BSc Hearing Science
MSci Hearing Science
BA History
BA History (Year Abroad)
BSc Healthcare; Management, Policy and Research Placement


BSc International Relations
BSc Information Technology in Organisations
MComp Information Technology in Organisations


BA Language & Contemporary Europe Studies
BA Language & Contemporary European Studies (Eng)
BA Language and Society
BA Language Learning
MLang Language & Contemporary European Studies
MLang Language and Society
MLang Language Learning


BA Modern History & Politics
BA Modern History & Politics (Year Abroad)
BA Modern Languages
BA Music
BA Music & Management Sciences
BA Music & Management Sciences (Year Abroad)
BA Music (Year Abroad)
BSc Management Science & French
BSc Management Science & Spanish
BSc Marine Biology with Ocean
BSc Marketing
BSc Marketing with Study Abroad
BSc Marketing with placement year
BSc Mathematical Studies
BSc Mathematical Studies (Part-time)
BSc Mathematics
BSc Maths with Actuarial Science
BSc Maths with Astronomy
BSc Maths with Computer Science
BSc Maths with Finance
BSc Maths with Management Sciences
BSc Maths with Physics
BSc Maths with Statistics
MMath Master of Mathematics
MMath Mathematical Physics




BSc Oceanography


Master of Physics
MPhys Particle Physics (Year Abroad)
BSc Pharmacology
BA Philosophy
BA Philosophy & English (Year Abroad)
BA Philosophy & History (Year Abroad)
BA Philosophy & History
BA Philosophy & Mathematics
BA Philosophy & Maths (Year Abroad)
BA Philosophy & Music
BA Philosophy & Music (Year Abroad)
BA Philosophy & Politics
BA Philosophy & Politics (Year Abroad)
BA Philosophy & Sociology (Year Abroad)
BA Philosophy & Sociology
BA Philosophy (Year Abroad)
BA Philosophy and English
BA Philosophy, Politics & Economics
BSc Physics
MPhys Physics with Astronomy
MPhys Physics with Maths
MPhys Physics with Nanotechnology
MPhys Physics with Photonics
MPhys Physics with Space Science
BSc Politics
BA Politics & French
BA Politics & German
BSc Politics & International Relations
BA Politics & Portuguese and Latin
BA Politics & Spanish and Latin
BSc Politics and Economics
BSc Population and Geography
BSc Psychology


BSc Social Policy & Criminology
BSc Sociology
BSc Sociology
BSc Sociology & Criminology
BSc Sociology & Social Policy
BSc Sociology & Social Politics
BSc Sociology with Anthropology
BEng Software Engineering
MEng Software Engineering
BA Spanish
MLang Spanish
BA Spanish & History
BA Spanish & Latin American Studies
MLang Spanish & Latin American Studies
BA Spanish & Portuguese
MLang Spanish & Portuguese
BA Spanish Linguistic Studies
MLang Spanish Linguistic Studies
BA Spanish Speaking World


BSc Web Science (Comp Sci)
BSc Web Science (SocSci)


BSc Zoology
MSci Zoology

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I would love to live and work in a multicultural context once I graduate and this module will be a great help; the skills you learn help you to understand, engage with and benefit from contact with other cultures whilst enhancing communication and teamwork skills and opening up your mind to new perspectives and ideas.

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