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The University of Southampton

Why we're involved

Members of UNISON take on roles in the branch for a variety of reasons.

 See below to find out why some of the University of Southampton branch activists work hard campaigning for UNISON, some of the things they've achieved and why they remain committed to having a hands on and positive role within the union.

Learning Diversity Solidarity
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Like many people,I turned to Unison when I had a problem at work and I thought that was the role of the union. Now I am an activist, I understand that there is much more to being in Unison. It is a huge organisation run by the members, dedicated to protecting and improving our working lives. If offers training and personal development. I have attended conferences and met amazing people from all over the country. I have had opportunities that I would never have had in my job role. It is the best thing I have ever done.

Not long after I started work, our office had a disagreement with the University over working hours. When I saw how the union stood up for its members, I decided I would like to get involved and put myself forward as a steward. The branch (and Unison's Regional Office) gave me training and supported me in the role, making sure I was never without expert guidance. I have since held a number of officer positions within the branch which has been a fantastic experience. I have learned plenty of useful skills which I use in my workplace. I have gained a diploma in Employment Law; I have met staff from all levels across all campuses. I have gained the sort of job satisfaction you can only get from being a helping hand at work.

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