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The University of Southampton
UK/China Project on Battery Characterisation and Management

Interactive V2G Demonstration

This page explains how to use the smartphone and web-based interactive demonstration of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) functionality. It uses a central webpage (web link below) to display the status of a fictitious V2GCity (on the V2GCity Map) and then uses your own smartphone (via it's web browser capability) to create and control a new V2G enabled 'electric vehicle' within this V2GCity.

Explanation of interactive V2GCity demonstration
Click on V2GCity Map for details


  1. Use your PC to logon to:
  2. Use your smartphone to 'CREATE' a new vehicle by logging on to:
  3. A new car is created for you on your phone screen and is then also displayed on the PC mainscreen, displaying the unique CAR identifier as shown on the smartphone screen.
  4. YOU control your car...choose ‘DRIVE' to watch your car drive around the various locations in the city, ‘CHARGE' to re-charge your batteries, or ‘V2G' to let your car deliver energy back to the electrical grid (see the example smartphone screen below)
  5. Watch the effect of charging or discharging (V2G) your electric vehicle battery  on the electrical grid
Smartphone V2GCity Control Screen
Smartphone screen

6.  To exit the V2GCity demo, please press ‘EXIT'

7. Alternatively... find out more information about V2G and the University of Southampton led V2G project, please ‘JOIN OUR MAILING LIST' to leave us your details and exit, and we will send you updates via email.

(Note: your details will NOT be used for any other purpose nor shared with any other entity)

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