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The University of Southampton
Virtual Acoustics and Audio Engineering

Virtual Acoustics and Audio Engineering 

The Virtual Acoustics and Audio Engineering (VAAE) is part of the Signal Processing Audio & Hearing Group within the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton. Areas of interest include Sound field control using dense loudspeaker arrays, 3-dimensional audio capture, representation and reproduction, auralization of acoustic spaces, psychoacoustics of spatial audio, microphone arrays for aeroacoustic analysis.

We have several collaborations with industrial partners and welcome enquiries for new collaboration. Our facilities include large and medium sized anechoic chambers, a 40-speaker 3D loudspeaker array, a general purpose listening room, a reverberation room, and a large assortment of equipment including high quality multichannel DA/AD, pre-amps and amplifiers, microphones, loudspeakers.


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Our Staff

We are based in the Institute of Sound and Vibration, and come from around the world.


A wide variety of theoretical and applied research is carried out in audio and acoustics.


Acoustics is offered at undergraduate and graduate levels, and in combination with other subject areas.


The VAAE team has access to five different rooms for experiments, and high quality audio equipment.

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