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Mr Symeon Mattes BSc, MSc


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Mr Symeon Mattes is Postgraduate research student within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton.

Psychoacoustics, Signal Processing and Perceptual Models could change the way audio is reproduced

Symeon Mattes graduated (BSc), in Electronic Engineering from the Technological Institute of Athens in 2001, and from National Technical University of Athens (MSc) as Electrical and Computer Engineer in 2009. Since 2011 he has been working as a postgraduate research student in the Acoustics Group. His research focuses on the development of perceptual models that are able to predict human localization, based on psychoacoustical factors.

Signal processing is an area that deals with the analysis of a variety of physical quantities such as sound. However, the extraction of the useful part of the complicated information in an acoustic signal is difficult to obtain without a good understanding of the human response to an auditory stimulus. Psychoacoustics is a branch of Psychophysics that involves the investigation of how sound events are associated with the psychological and physiological aspects of human perception. Auditory models attempt to combine techniques from signal processing with findings from psychoacoustics in such a way that the information extracted can be used in different applications.

Perceptual auditory models can be useful not only for the better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of human perception, but also in situations where it is necessary to predict human subjective responses. A typical case is in the design of audio systems whose sound spatialization reliability can be tested by simply using virtual listeners in computer simulations instead of real humans in expensive and time consuming subjective tests.

PhD research

Supervisors: Dr F. Fazi, Prof. P.A. Nelson
Title: Perceptual models for sound field analysis and synthesis
Funding agencies: University of Southampton, Meridian Audio


Research group


- SESG1009 - Modelling and Computing (Jan 2012)
- SESG6025 - Advance Computational Modelling, for c-code (Oct 2012)
- FEEG1001 - Design and Computing, for python-code (Oct 2012)
- FEEG1004 - Electronics and Electrical Systems (Oct 2012, Feb 2013)

Mr Symeon Mattes
Filippo Fazi
University of Southampton
SO17 1BJ
United Kingdom

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