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The University of Southampton
Virtual Acoustics and Audio Engineering


A Virtual Binaural Tour

Our researchers introduce the facilities and present some of the available demos

Find out more about ISVR

We have full use of the acoustic facilities within the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research. Several rooms are available for experiments.

Audio Lab VAAE

Audio Lab

The Audio Lab contains an array of 40 loudspeakers that can be repositioned on a flexible grid structure. The acoustic is designed for multichannel listening.

Large Anechoic Chamber VAAE

Large Anechoic Chamber

The large anechoic chamber is one of the largest available in the country. It is used where the disturbance caused by reflections from walls needs to be minimized as far as possible.

Reverberation Room VAAE

Reverberation Room

The reverberation room is the opposite of anechoic room: The walls are as reflective as possible, and in addition the shape is designed to make the reverberant sound as diffuse as possible.

Small Anechoic Chamber VAAE

Small Anechoic Chamber

The small anechoic chamber provides the same properties of the large anechoic chamber, but on a smaller scale

Listening Room VAAE

Listening Room

The listening room is a general purpose room for conducting experiments. It includes a projector and curtains are available to modify the acoustic.

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