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VAAE at the International Year of Sound launch

Published: 6 February 2020
Cylindrical speaker array
Cylindrical speaker array which can create ‘private’ listening zones

The VAAE team was represented by the postgraduate researchers Vlad Paul and Willfried Gallian at the launch of the International Year of Sound 2020 in Paris

The postgraduate researchers Vlad Paul, Willfried Gallian and Daniel Wallace represented the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research at the launch event of the International Year of Sound in Paris. The students presented a unique multi-zone loudspeaker system, developed during an MSc. project in the VAAE group.

The loudspeaker system contains a 33-speaker cylindrical array that has the ability to create private listening zones. More details about the multi-zone system and a video presentation of its performances can be found on the universities news page.

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