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New VAAE Journal Publication

Published: 3 November 2020
Well-conditioned system
Well-conditioned system

VAAE researchers have published a new open access article: "A modal analysis of multichannel crosstalk cancellation systems and their relationship to amplitude panning" in Elsevier's Journal of Sound and Vibration (JSV).

The article, authored by postgraduate researcher Eric Hamdan and Professor Filippo Maria Fazi, presents a novel analysis of the single-listener multichannel crosstalk cancellation (CTC) system. CTC systems are an application of sound-field control for reproducing binaural audio at a listener's ears using an array of loudspeakers.

The plant matrix singular system is derived under model assumptions and used to theoretically establish benefits of using more than two loudspeakers in CTC systems, in a broadband context. It is shown that the derived low frequency source strengths are the minimum L2 norm solution to the multichannel sine law, and thus this work unifies two previously disparate spatial audio techniques, CTC and amplitude panning, under the inverse problem framework.

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