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New VAAE Journal Publication

Published: 17 March 2021
Jacob Hollebon - CTC Array

A new journal article from the VAAE team has been published in this months Journal of the Audio Engineering Society: "A multiple listener crosstalk cancellation system using loudspeaker dependent regularization".

The paper , by postgraduate research student Jacob Hollebon , Professor Filippo Maria Fazi and Dr. Marcos Simon Galvez presents a 3 listener crosstalk cancellation (CTC) system, following work performed through Jacob's masters research project. This article is also Jacob's first journal publication.

CTC systems may be used to recreate Binaural Audio over loudspeakers by controlling the pressure exactly at the listener’s ears, acting as a pair of ‘virtual headphones’. However, previously working CTC systems have only been built for one or two listeners. This work extends the problem to a three-listener scenario, including the build of a custom trio of CTC loudspeaker arrays. Furthermore, a novel loudspeaker dependent regularization technique is developed. This method lets the user specify exactly how much each loudspeaker in turn will contribute to controlling the pressure at each of the listener’s ears. In this scenario, the technique is used to create a system more robust to listener head movements and misalignments of the loudspeakers.

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