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New free dataset for use in research

Published: 27 July 2021
Eigenmike measurement

Members of the VAAE have published a new dataset made freely available for download and use in research activities. The database is a set of loudspeaker to Ambisonic B-format impulse responses measured in the large anechoic chamber at the ISVR. The dataset can be found here:

These measurements were performed by Jacob Hollebon as part of his PhD work, and are presented in an upcoming paper for the I3DA 2021 conference. The impulses responses are measurements of a loudspeaker (Genelec 8020C), positioned in the horizontal plane of a fourth order Ambisonic microphone array (Eigenmike EM32) in steps of 1 degree resolution. This was repeated for three different loudspeaker radii of 1, 2 and 3 metres. Advanced pre-processing such as time alignment and frequency-dependent windowing was also applied to reduce any errors across the dataset.

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