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General english (l 1) Age 16-19

This is a general English class for students at at intermediate level. The focus of the class is on the topic of "crime", with a focus on vocabulary and hypothetical clauses (If she had ... she would have ...). Students are in the 16-19 age group and of mixed nationalities.

Materials used:

Redstone, C & G. Cunningham (2007) Face2Face Upper Intermediate. Cambridge University Press. (chapter 3 "It's against the law!.0")

Students' book, Workbook and Audio CD


Watch Emma's class

ELT: Intemediate from Julia Huettner on Vimeo.

Teacher Education Task

Teaching Grammar

Aim: to discuss ways of teaching L2 grammar



1) In groups of three, discuss the following points:

a) How do you usually introduce a new point of grammar to your students?

b) How do you usually revise a point of grammar?

c) Have you ever tried any alternative ways?

d) What language (L1, target language) do you use when teaching grammar? Why?

3) Do you use specific linguistic terms when teaching grammar (participle, clause, etc.)? If so, how do your students know them?

Now view the video

View with a specific focus on the last 30 minutes. In this section, Emma focuses on teaching one form of the "if-clause".

Describe how she does this! Pay especial attention to the information given about this grammar point, the kind of language used to explain the grammar point, the engagement of the students and the link to other sections of the lesson.

Post-viewing discussion

In a new group of three, compare Emma's teaching of grammar to your own. What are similarities and differences

Discuss to what extent this way of teaching grammar is, in your view, communicative (meaning-focused) or not. Give reasons for your arguments!

The teacher's views

Here you can listen to Emma talk about her class. She talks about what went to plan, what didn't  and what she usually does with this group.

Emma talks about her intermediate class from Julia Huettner on Vimeo.

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