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The University of Southampton

The IMPROVE survey


The IMPROVE Survey (Improving Methods and Piloting Recruitment for the national End of life Survey) is a survey of bereaved relatives that uses VOICES, a questionnaire about experiences in the last months of life.

The IMPROVE Survey is funded by the Department of Health with an aim to use the VOICES questionnaire in a national survey to monitor and improve services provided at the end of life. However, in the IMPROVE survey we are only sending the VOICES questionnaire to people who live in East Berkshire and the Isle of Wight.

VOICES (short form) will be sent to 1400 people in East Berkshire and the Isle of Wight who have recently registered the death of a relative or friend. Responses will be used to improve local services for people in the last months of life and to compare care and bereavement services in different parts of the country.

The IMPROVE Survey will also test the VOICES questionnaire to make sure that it asks the right questions and investigate the best way to give people the questionnaire. Half of the 1400 people we contact will receive the VOICES questionnaire alongside an invitation letter and information sheet whilst the other half will receive a reply slip to request a copy of the questionnaire. This will help us to understand how people prefer to receive the questionnaire.

In the IMPROVE Survey we are working alongside Cruse Bereavement Care who will provide telephone support to respondents who need to discuss any issues raised by completing the questionnaire.


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