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The University of Southampton
Working as a Researcher

Faculty Action Plans

sample faculty event
Example of a FNES faculty event

Each Faculty has drawn up their own implementation plan reflecting the local needs of research staff and, also, in some areas, including teaching fellows.

The latest Faculty Action Plans can be downloaded by clicking on each Faculty name below:

Faculty of Business, Law and Art

Faculty of Engineering and the Environment

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Humanities (updated May 18)

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Natural and Environmental Sciences

Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering

Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences

Please note that some of the Action Plans are currently in the process of being revised and updated.

Sample Faculty Structure

Sample Faculty Structure

This diagram shows the structure for the Faculty of Medicine (FoM).

Central to this structure is the FoM Postdoctoral Association (PDA) Committee, which presides over the PDA.   

The Postdoctoral Association was formed in 2003 and aims to:

Further information about the FoM Postdoctoral Association can be found here.


Lee Walters, from the Faculty of Humanities, has been awarded a Mid Career Fellowship from the British Academy for 2016-17.

He attended a Humanities' ECR development session on Domestic External Funding for ECRs, provided by Bridget Trezize in 2015, where the domestic external funding available for ECRs and the best strategies for applying were discussed.

I’d already decided to apply for the British Academy Fellowship before attending this session, but it gave me a much clearer understanding of the process. I also received information about ways to get helpful feedback and support, for example, the Peer Review system at Southampton

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