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The University of Southampton
Working as a Researcher

Concordat Plans and Resources

Research staff are the ‘life blood’ of the University, essential to our core mission, and with early career researchers as our largest single cohort of staff, research staff are not only integral to our success but also make vital contributions to the wider society.

Our vision is to empower our research staff to be engaged in the University and better connected within it; so they can participate fully in institutional life and be recognised and rewarded for the valuable contributions they make. Our aim is to enable research staff to take control of their professional life, to be aware of the range of opportunities available to them both internally and externally, and to encourage researchers to build their CVs and develop sustainable careers. Our 2020 plan builds on our continued improvement since 2011 in a more systematic way (see below).

We aim to focus on improving guidance to and support of research staff, and to make our policy and practice more transparent to researchers. We will collect evidence and data that will enable us to improve our strategic plans and target any weak areas and issues affecting research staff in a timely manner. We will continue to nurture and support our researchers and to emphasise Faculty driven initiatives. In the next four years, we will examine the research career pathway more closely and undertake specific projects that will help us address specific needs and develop opportunities that enable researchers to play a central role within the University and beyond.

HR Resources

The HR website contains useful links to policies and advice of relevance for research staff. For this website please click here.

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