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The University of Southampton
Working as a Researcher

Concordat Plans and Resources

Research staff are the ‘life blood’ of the University, essential to our core mission, and with early career researchers as our largest single cohort of staff, research staff are not only integral to our success but also make vital contributions to the wider society.

Our vision is to empower our research staff to be engaged in the University and better connected within it; so they can participate fully in institutional life and be recognised and rewarded for the valuable contributions they make. Our aim is to enable research staff to take control of their professional life, to be aware of the range of opportunities available to them both internally and externally, and to encourage researchers to build their CVs and develop sustainable careers.

As a result of becoming a signatory to the 2019 Researcher Development Concordat, we have established five working groups to review, scope and make recommendations on key elements impacting on the research staff community.  These working groups will report in June 2022.

This page is under review pending an update in summer 2022, following the working groups' reports.


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