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The University of Southampton
Working as a Researcher

Bridging funding

Do you have a gap before the next job starts? Have you had to take extended leave during a fixed term contract? Whilst the University does not provide bridging funds, your Faculty/school/department or PI may have funds and work that can help you to 'bridge' between contracts.  This page looks at the financial aspects of managing a break in regular income.

You can find out more about the non-financial aspects on the career breaks page.

Talk first

The first step is to talk to your manager or Head of Research. They may know of money already available (for example an under spend that they could legitimately use to fund yourself for a short period).

If you are pregnant, as a fixed-term contract researcher you are entitled as a University employee to maternity leave and the right to return to your job. How much money you can get during this time depends on various other factors: there are more details on the Maternity, paternity and adoption leave page. Another source of advice, for union members, could be UCU.

Dedicated funding

Here are some examples of money earmarked to help cover any gaps in longer-term funding, and to support people returning to research careers after a longer break. Some of the Research Councils may also have funds available.

Other organisations, often representing relatively specialist areas, may be prepared to help with kickstarting or completing a project. The Society for Endocrinology's. Early Career Grants might be used for purchase of a specific piece of equipment, or short-term salary funding.

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