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The University of Southampton
Working as a Researcher


We all conduct research for a reason - usually because we want to make a positive difference in the world.

As a researcher you will want to have academic impact, but in addition to this funders also want to know 'what difference your research has made' - i.e. that the research was worth investing in.

RIS Sharepoint site has a section on Impact , with a range of useful advice.  There is funding too from the Impact Acceleration Accounts (IAAs):

IAAs enable Southampton to provide funding for knowledge exchange (KE) activities in ways that best suit our institutional strategies and opportunities. The Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) funds the development of research, rather than funding the research itself.

If you are a researcher, Co-I or PI on a UKRI/Research Council funded project you will be required to provide evidence of impact through Research Fish and, periodically, as an individual (if eligible) department and institution, through the Research Excellence Framework (REF) .

The University promotes our research and as a researcher, particularly if you are an ECR, you should find ways of raising your profile and promoting your research too.  What does your public profile consist of and say about you and your research?  Does it reach the audience you want to reach?

For useful discussions around impact, see the LSE Impact blog and Twitter feed (below) - the site serves the wider community and invites contributions.  So you could write a blog post on your impact work and experience.

You could also join Kudos a 'cloud-based platform, through which researchers can accelerate and broaden the positive impact of their research in the world' - or, if you are new to impact, simply read their blog on Research impact: what it is, why it matters, and how you can increase impact potential

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