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The University of Southampton
Winchester Luxury Research Group

Luxury in the USA

Published: 25 April 2016
John Armitage and Joanne Roberts

WSA Professors Joanne Roberts and John Armitage will be visiting the United States in early May to present their latest research in Luxury Studies.

They will start by presenting a seminar at Harvard University on 4th May, entitled 'Critical Luxury Studies:Art, Design, Media'. In the presentation they will begin by defining luxury studies before discussing historical and contemporary approaches to luxury within philosophy, history and luxury brand management. They will then then advance the idea of critical luxury studies and define this new field of academic endeavour.

This will be followed on 6th May by their attendance at the In Pursuit of Luxury conference which will provide an opportunity for academia and industry to come together to discuss issues that have a key impact on the global luxury and luxury brand markets. 

Appearing in an afternoon panel, John Armitage will again talk about “Critical Luxury Studies: Art, Design, Media” and will be followed by Joanne Roberts with a paper entitled, "Knowing Luxury”.

This continues the research work of the Winchester Luxury Research Group, which is on-going and gaining increasing global attention. 




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