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Winchester Luxury Research Group

Two New Book Chapters from the WLRG

Published: 7 April 2017
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WLRG are pleased to announce that Professor Joanne Roberts, Professor John Armitage and Associate Professor Yasmin Sekhon have new chapters appearing in two new books on Luxury from Springer.

The book Luxury Fashion Retail Management (eds Tsan-Ming Choi and Bin Shen, 2017) will feature a chapter entitled, 'Luxury Fashion and Creativity: Change or Continuity?' by Joanne Roberts and John Armitage.

The publisher describes the book as follows: 'Using various research methodologies, such as reviews, case studies, analytical modeling and empirical studies, this book investigates luxury fashion retail management and provides relevant insights, which are beneficial to both industrialists and academics. Readers gain an understanding of luxury fashion retailing, including proper operations and strategic management, which now are the most crucial items on the luxury fashion industry’s senior management agenda.'

Sustainable Management of Luxury (ed. Miguel Angel Gardetti, 2017) will contain a chapter entitled 'Luxury Products and Services and the Sustainable Value Chain: Six Management Lessons from Gucci' by John Armitage, Joanne Roberts and Yasmin K. Sekhon.

'As this book is the first book worldwide in the "sustainable" management of luxury area, it highlights key aspects in the sustainable management of luxury based on presentations using different approaches, whether reflexive, empirical, hands-on or applied theory and cases.' (

The books are available from the Springer website, and form just part of the ongoing research output from the Winchester Luxury Research Group.

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