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The University of Southampton
Working Papers in the Health Sciences

Professor Jane Burridge


Jane Burridge is Professor of Restorative Neuroscience and Head of Rehabilitation and Health Technologies Research Group

Faculty of Health Sciences University of Southampton

Her research is into neuro-rehabilitation; the cortical, spinal and peripheral changes associated with loss and recovery of sensory-motor function.

Much of her work is done in collaboration with the engineering disciplines (control, signal processing and sensors) in the development and evaluation of novel technologies to augment sensory-motor recovery of the arm and hand following stroke.

Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) and Rehabilitation Robotics have been rich areas of her collaborative research and, over the last few years, the application of Iterative Learning Control to modulate stimulation to improve learning. Jane is interested in translating rehabilitation technologies into clinical practice and in particular using the internet to support home-based rehabilitation which are important areas of her research and critical the the delivery of cost-effective rehabilitation.

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