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Can NHS staffing levels be boosted by encouraging lapsed nurse registrants to return to practice?

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Dr Julia Irene Brooking BSc, PhD, SRN, RMN, DipN, CertEd, RNT

05.09.1952 – 13.08.2014

Julia Brooking, who has died aged 61 after a short illness, was the foundation Professor of Nursing at the University of Birmingham and, in 1996, the Director of Research at The Southampton School of Nursing prior to the amalgamation with the University of Southampton.

Julia’s nursing career started at Cane Hill Psychiatric Hospital near Croydon in 1974. Her Academic career began in 1980 when she took a position as a Demonstrator/Clinical Teacher in Nursing Studies at University of London, Chelsea College, progressing to Lecturer in Nursing in 1982. She was awarded her PhD in 1986 at King’s College, London. With practice at the heart of her career, she was appointed as the Chief Nursing Adviser at the Bethlem Royal & Maudsley Hospitals and Senior Lecturer & Head of Psychiatric Nursing at University of London in 1987.

In 1989 at the age of only 37 she was appointed as the Head of Department of Nursing Studies and Foundation Professor of Nursing at University of Birmingham, one of the youngest professors ever appointed in the UK. Her illustrious Academic career is even more remarkable when one considers that Julia left her school in Liverpool with just two “O” levels. Her thirst for knowledge was nurtured throughout her nursing training when she realised that her immense focus and energy could be channelled into academic work and professional success.

Julia, gave birth to her only daughter, Caroline, in 1994.

A single parent, Julia realised that she could not continue her demanding career and be the excellent parent that she wanted to be. With typical decisiveness, she retired from academic life in 2000 to concentrate on her role as a mother.

In her short career as a senior academic Julia supervised a range of PhD students, published many academic papers in well-known journals and edited a number of well-known textbooks including “A Textbook of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing”

Julia will be remembered for her contribution to mental health nursing.

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