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The University of Southampton
Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media Activities

Impact activities

The Centre is involved in a number of projects which engage in knowledge transfer and communicate research to professional and public audiences. We enjoy especially close relations with the John Hansard Gallery.

Collaboration between WSA and UK-based art museums and centres has generated knowledge and derived concrete proposals for benefitting the quality of life of British citizens in a variety of ways including:

(a) their widening participation in art museum/centre-related exhibition and related educational activities,
(b) development of their skills and knowledge base specifically in the use of new technologies with vocational economic potential, and
(c) enriching the public utility of the core activities of art museums/centres through partnerships with WSA in specific research programmes.

Speaker series

The Centre endeavours to highlight how research being undertaken and developed at WSA affects specific sectors of the larger private, public and academic sectors, within the academy and the broader society.

To do so and to further delineate the networks linking the university with varied creative communities in which experiments and experimentation play central roles, a speaker series featuring important academicians, practitioners and theorists was initiated in October 2011.

The series for the academic year 2013-2014 has included the following areas: globalization and culture; cyborg art; military technologies of space and resistance; art and climate change;luxury consumer culture, architecture and design; cinema and television; fashion as culture or industry; and aesthetics, ethics and politics. The speakers included several world-leading experts in these areas.


WSA researchers have promoted new understandings of the origins and development of contemporary media and media arts, participating with FACT Liverpool, the Science Museum, V&A and Tate Galleries, London, the Transmediale festival, Berlin, the Science Museum, London, the National Media Museum, Bradford, Dundee Contemporary Arts, ACMI Melbourne, and galleries in Europe and Australasia.

The researchers established the Centre of Digital Economy at Anglia Ruskin and Aoatearoa Digital Arts, and collaborate in international networks of artists, curators, technology and art museums and archivists, among them Leonardo/ISAAST, ISEA and Media Art History.

The research benefits historical understanding, helps senior artists rediscover their audiences, gives young artists awareness of what has already been achieved, and makes public the innovation process in media and communications.

Fellows of the Centre have contributed to the the following recent exhibitions:

Barthes / Burgin exhibition at Hansard Gallery, 2016

Glam! The Performance of Style at the Tate Liverpool, 2013 .

India Biennale / OUTside INdia - Robert D'Souza, 2012-14

What is Luxury? Exhibition with the V & A, 2013

Fellows of the Centre have curated the following stream at a recent conference:

Afterglow of the Mediatic at transmediale 2014

John Hansard Gallery
John Hansard Gallery
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