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The University of Southampton
Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media

Talks, seminars and events

Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media organises a schedule of visiting speakers whose talk coincides with what researchers at the Centre are undertaking, and beyond. The lectures, film screenings and seminars illustrate the cutting-edge research we do here through our links with world renowned academics, artists and public figures. All these events are free and open to the public.

Each year, since our inaugural year in 2011, our programme of lectures, seminars and film screenings have been excellent, well attended and generative of lively discussion.

Below shows the talks in the series which have taken place so far. 

For forthcoming talks see our latest events listings.


20 March 2014 Chris Hables Gray
Cyborg Art: Prefigurative, Performative, Inhuman, Hybrid?

26 February 2014 Marco Pedroni
Fashion as Culture or Fashion as Industry? Yes, Please!

23 January 2014 David Ward
The Camera Lucida Variations

20 January 2014 Ian Taplin
Pilgrims on the Road to Luxury: Consolidation and segmentation in the luxury goods industry


20 November Vinay Gupta
Change Tears and Shear Planes... how technology is splitting society, and leaving us indecisive

6 November TJ Demos
Climates of Displacement

30 October 2013 Ken Hollings
Welcome to the Labyrinth

23 October Dougald Hine
Back From The Future

9 October Eleanor Saitta
On Power and Infrastructure

1 October 2013 Douglas Kellner
From The Great Refusal and Herbert Marcuse (1968) to the Arab Uprisings and Occupy Everywhere! (2011)

7 May 2013 Ian Monroe
Where Does One Thing End And The Next Begin?

30 April 2013 TJ Clark
Capitalism without Images

24 April 2013 Stefan Siegel
NOT JUST A LABEL - A Seminar on Creative Entrepreneurship and Digital Fashion

13 March Peter Adey
EVACUATE: governing mobility in emergency

6 March Ken Garland
Visual Metaphors

27 February Nooshin Farhid
Reconstruction, Point of Recognition - Artist Talk and Screening

21 February Andy Clarke
Designer and author Andy Clarke shared some of his experiences and lessons learned from fifteen years of self-employed home working as a designer and author. 

13 February Eric Musgrave
Eric Musgrave outlined the development of the man's suit over the past 200 years.

6 February Ronda Gowland-Pryde
Leaping Forward: from names and tags to young artists


25 Jan 2012 John Beck
Is There Life on Earth? Photography, Abstraction, and Counter-Surveillance?
University of Newcastle

1 February 2012 Stephen Graham
Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism
Newcastle University

24 February 2012 Pat Kane
Games and Play
Independent Scholar, UK

12 March 2012 Ian Hargreaves
Copyright, politics and the creative economy
University of Cardiff

22 March 2012 Kathy Battista
The Legacy of Feminist Performance Art
Sotheby¹s Institute, New York

28 March 2012 Lawrence Grossberg
Is there a place for intellectuals in the new radicalism?
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA

05 April 2012 Simon Bright and Sue Clayton
Film screening in Discovery Centre: Human Rights Documentaries
Directors based in London and Bristol

16 April 2012 Hammad Nasar
Curating out of the Indian Ocean
Green Cardamom Gallery London

25 April 2012 Michelle Teran
Future Guides for Cities

04 May2012 Victor Burgin
A Perspective on Digital Light
Independent Artist and Scholar, UK

9 May 2012 Stephen Foster
Running the John Hansard Gallery: Past, Present and Future
University of Southampton

15 May 2012 Alexander Galloway
The Cybernetic Hypothesis
NYU Steinhardt, USA

25 May 2012 Jodi Dean
Exploitation in Communicative Capitalism
Hobart and William Smith Colleges, USA

6 June 2012 Pasi Väliaho
Video Games, Neural Selves and Biopolitical Visual Economies
Goldsmiths, London

14 June 2012 Jake Chapman
Dialogue with Jonathan Harris
Venue: The Winchester Gallery
Turner Nominated Artist & WSA Professor of Speculative Research 


26 Oct 2011 John W.P. Phillips
Seeing Things
National University of Singapore

3 Nov 2011 Esther Milne
Technologies of Presence: Intimate Absence and Public Privacy
Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia.

23 Nov 2011 Sjoerd Van Tuinen
On Distinguishing (Neo-)Mannerism and (Neo-)Baroque with Deleuze
Erasmus University, Netherlands

9 December 2011 Michel Bauwens
P2P Economics = Shared Innovation Commons + Mutualist Phyles?
Peer-to-Peer Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Twitter: @WSAGlobalFutures


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