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The University of Southampton
Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media

P2P Economics = Shared Innovation Commons + Mutualist Phyles? Event

13:00 - 15:00
9 December 2011
Large lecture theatre at Westside

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Event details

Part of the speaker series for the Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design and Media

Patterns that prefigure a horizontalized future: If the current political economy's DNA is based on combining false material infinity with artificially maintained scarcity, can we imagine a future political economy where this polarity is reversed? Given an increasing amount of evidence collected by the P2P Foundation and other research collectives, we believe that humanity is already actively preparing such a transformation. We'll review the evidence for a major social phase transition. What will be the place of the state, the market and civil society in such a scenario?

Speaker information

Michel Bauwens ,P2P Foundation,founder of the Foundation of Peer-to-Peer Alternatives

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