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The University of Southampton
Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design & Media

Alumna Exhibition - Caroline Hall Event

Winchester School of Art
10:00 - 16:00
2 - 19 September 2013
Winchester Gallery, Westside

For more information regarding this event, please email Dr Victoria Walters at .

Event details

WSA is pleased to present a solo exhibition of 15 paintings, along with drawings and video work by our alumna Caroline Hall, MA, at the Winchester Gallery.

Caroline has a degree in Visual Art and a Masters in Painting from Winchester School of Art. Her work explores the different spaces occupied by video and painting.

At the root of Caroline’s practice is a process which involves the projection of a moving image onto the surface of the painting in an endless loop. By deconstructing digital video she removes the distraction of figurative references and works purely with pixelated abstractions. Each new pixel painting represents a series of video frames built up in layers, a tangible record of virtual space.

Caroline uses this stripped back process to inform and develop new work: landscapes which are glimpsed and recognisable only as streaks of brilliant colour; single pixel video frames which act as a springboard to paintings that examine layers, colour and form in a two dimensional space. Every painting Caroline produces is an attempt to capture a landscape which is on the move, a time‐based, transient space. Ultimately, of course, she can never succeed because the essence of paint is its permanence.

Caroline’s work recently has been featured as part of Art on the London Underground. In addition to numerous international exhibitions, she recently received a significant commission for 70 works from Carré d’Artistes in Utrecht.

Exhibition times are as follows:

Monday, 2 September 2013–Thursday, 19 September 2013, 10:00–16:00
Saturday Opening, 7 September 2013, 11:00–16:00
Private View: Thursday, 5 September 2013, 17:00–20:00

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