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Hi, I'm Lauren Dunbar and I studied Fashion and textile design within Winchester School of Art at the University of Southampton.

This placement inspired the way I work and my style of work

During the September of my second year summer (2010) I was lucky enough to get a 2 week placement with Zandra Rhodes at her studio in Bermondsey, London. The hours for students are 9am to 5pm with an hour for lunch.

There are usually three students there at the same time and you get to work together in the print studio, which is great fun. From the day I arrived I was just told to sit down and paint, come up with my own design ideas in the style of Zandra Rhodes and Zandra will have a look and sometimes give feedback on what you are working on.

Quite often we would help with other jobs such as packing, unpacking tidying, hanging clothes etc. I was lucky enough to be able to stay within London so I got to experience the whole life of working there, especially as things would pop up in the evenings such as fashion shows and exhibitions which I was then able to go to.

This placement inspired the way I work and my style of work so much and really made me realise what kind of job I would like to aim for. Since starting back at WSA after the experience, one of my designs was inspired by what I had done in London and has now been chosen to be sold in Liberty to raise Money for The World Land Trust.

Until I had done this work placement I didn’t actually realise how beneficial it would be to me, and the way in which I work but other amazing opportunities have come up due to what I learnt there and how I work now.

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