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Mr Andrew Carnie 

Lecturer, Fine Art

Mr Andrew Carnie's photo

Andrew Carnie is an artist and academic. He is currently part of the teaching team in Fine Arts at Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, England. He was born in 1957. He studied chemistry and painting at Warren Wilson College, North Carolina, then zoology and psychology at Durham University, before starting and finishing a degree in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London. Andrew then completed his Masters degree in the Painting School, at the Royal College of Art. He has continued as a practicing artist ever since. In 2003 he was the Picker Fellow at Kingston University.

His artistic practice often involves a meaningful interaction with scientists in different fields as an early stage in the development of his work. There are also other works that are self-generated and develop from pertinent ideas out side science. The work is often time-based in nature, involving 35mm slide projection using dissolve systems or video projection onto complex screen configurations. In a darkened space layered images appear and disappear on suspended screens, the developing display absorbing the viewer into an expanded sense of space and time through the slowly unfolding narratives that evolve before and around them. He also works in other medium working with video, sculptural materials like soap and in print and painting.

His work has been exhibited at the Science Museum, London, the Natural History Museum, Rotterdam, the Design Museum, Zurich, at Amnesty International Headquarters London, at the School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London and Exit Art, in New York, the Williams College Museum of Art, and the Great North Museum, Newcastle, and the Pera Museum, Istanbul, Dresden Hygiene Museum, the Morevska Gallery in Brno, Babel Gallery, Norway. The last large exhibition he was in was at PHI, part of the DHC gallery in Montreal, Canada. He regularly exhibits with GV Art in London. A new static version of Magic Forest has been installed at the Wellcome Trust headquarters, London. His work is represented in collections in England, Germany, and America.

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Research interests


Carnie has a studio based research practice integrated with a variety of research groups nationally and Internationally.

Current Research Projects Include:-

Hybrid Bodies Project

funded by the SSHRC, Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines Canada.

Few organs are as charged as the human heart. Seen as both the seat of human identity and the archetypal symbol of love, it is an organ that has been ascribed qualities and associations far beyond its anatomical functions.

While significant research has been conducted in transplantation using the bio-medical model, few researchers have explicitly connected organ recipients’ experiences and cultural views about transplantation to the notion of embodiment. The aim of this project, the Hybrid Bodies Project is to further explore the complexity of organ transplantation in a novel way, which makes it accessible to the public by providing context to discuss and explore these ideas. It is a unique interdisciplinary project that brings together artists, theorists, and an interdisciplinary medical research team to examine the emotional and psychological effects that occur among many heart transplant recipients. Today the medical model is understood well and heart transplant is almost a routine operation. However, the nature and prevalence of the psychological and emotional disruptions that confront heart transplant patients are less well understood.

Four artists, Alexa Wright (UK), Catherine Richards (Canada), Andrew Carnie (UK), and Ingrid Bachmann (Canada), have been invited to make works that respond to a trandisciplinary research project, PITH (The Process of Incorporating a Transplanted Heart)” led by Dr. Heather Ross, chief transplant cardiologist at the Toronto General Hospital Cardiac Unit; health researcher Dr. Pat McKeever; transplant psychiatrist, Dr. Susan Abbey; social worker Dr. Jennifer Poole (Ryerson University); and British philosopher Dr. Margrit Shildrick (Queen’s University Belfast).

Work from this project was show at the PHI Center, part of the DHC Gallery in January 2014 and the next showing will be at Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig, Germany, in August 2016.



GOLA Project

Funded by the SSHRC, Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines Canada.

The Hybrid Bodies project around transplantation has moved into areas of concern beyond that of the recipient and the GOLA project, Gift of Life Anonymity project looks at how the donor family relates to the recipient, or more than one beneficiary, when heart, kidneys, and other organs might be donated to multiple recipients. This project investigates the situation in Canada where the donor families are allowed no contact with the recipient of the transplanted organ; leading to complex thoughts and dilemmas for the donor family. Three artists are working with the team to explore this complex arena, Alexa Wright (UK), Ingrid Bachmann (Canada), and Andrew Carnie (UK).


Illuminating the Mind. Optogenetics: Art and Science

Funded by Global Eye Arts

Andrew Carnie is currently working with Susan Aldworth, as artists on a project conveying the benefits and disadvantages of Optogentics as an analytical and therapeutic tool in neural medicine. The project is supported by Global Eye Arts and will follow the CANDO team, based at Newcastle University. CANDO is a world-class, multi-site, cross-disciplinary team developing a cortical implant for optogenetic neural control of focal epilepsy; in fact working towards a first-in-human trial in patients with focal epilepsy within 5 years. Aldworth and Carnie hope to work towards a joint exhibition in Newcastle in 2018-19.


These projects and others can be followed at:


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Book Chapter

Creative Media and Artefacts

BA (Hons) Fine Art
Module Code: ARTD 1072
Module Title: Studio Practice & Skills
Level of Study: 1

Module Code: ARTD 1076
Module Title: Research & Communication Skills
Level of Study: …1…….

One Person Exhibitions

2016 Dark Garden: Heard in A Different Voice, Bridport Art Cnt, Bridport, Dorset

2013 A Change of Heart, Discover Centre, Winchester, Hants

2010 Dendritic Form, GV Art Gallery London, London

2009 Seized: Out of This World, Art and Mind. Discovery Cnt, Winchester, [June].

2006 We Are Where We Are, Art and Mind Festival, Winchester, [March].


Group Exhibitions


 Post Mortem, Rommelaere Institute, Ghent, Belgium

Splice: At the Intersection of Art and Medicine, University of Uberlandia, Uberlandia, Brazil.

How the Light Gets In, Summerhall Gallery, Edinburgh

Fabrica Vitae, Syggros Museum, Andreas Syggros Hospital, Athens, Greece

Fabrica Vitae, Stradins Museum, Riga, Latvia



 Hybrid Bodies, PHI Montreal Canada, [Jan – March]

Operating Fields: Medical Imaging Across Art and Science. Babel Gallery, Trondheim, Norway

Fabrica Vitae, Vesalius Continuum, Library Space, Zykanthos, Greece

The Brain Project Daejeon, Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon, South Korea



 Splice: At the Intersection of Art and Medicine, Pratt Gallery, New York, USA

Brains: Mind As Matter, Science and Industry Museum, Manchester

Subjective Resonance Imaging. Human Brain Mapping Seattle, June 16-20. Seattle, USA

Dark Garden, Heard in A Different Voice,10 Days Creative Collisions, Winchester [Oct]

Explorations In Art and Science, GV Art London, [Dec - Jan]



 Images of the Mind, the Moravian Gallery, (Moravská Galerie) Brno, Czech Republic

Polymath, GV Art, London

Brains: the Mind As Matter, Wellcome Trust Gallery London

Between: Mind Matter and Material, Inigo Gallery, Somerset House, Kings College, London.

Coming of Age, GV Art/Wellcome Trust, London

Brains: Mind As Matter, Wellcome Trust London

Heart YYZ Gallery Toronto, Canada

Dark Garden: Wired In A Different Way, Science Museum, Oslo, Norway



 Brainstorms, GV Art Gallery, London

Kinetica, P3 Westminster University, London

Fundamentaly Human, Pera, Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

Art and Science; A New Revolution GV Art Gallery, London

Images of the Mind, German Hygiene Museum, Dresden Germany

Images of the Mind, the Moravian Gallery, (Moravská Galerie) Brno, Czech Republic

Slices and Snapshots, Part of Map, 10 Days, Plot, Plunder, Possession At Theatre Royal Winchester



 Landscapes of the Mind, Williams College Museum of Art, Williamstown, USA




Current exhibitions and projects





Light Factory. Andover Road, Winchester

and at Tram Depot 38/40. Upper Clapton Road, Hackney, London.




Mr Andrew Carnie
Winchester School of Art University of Southampton Park Avenue Winchester Hampshire SO23 8DL

Room Number: 63K/1147

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