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Mr Mike Bastin 

MA Pathway Co-ordinator for Fashion Marketing and Branding

Mr Mike Bastin

Mike is a graduate of Warwick University's full-time MBA programme where he specialised in Strategic Brand Management and Fashion Marketing. Mike continues to hold strong links with Warwick University with ongoing collaborative fashion consumer behaviour research. Mike has also been appointed a Visiting Lecturer at Warwick University.

Mike's expertise in fashion brand management has been recognised globally. For example, recent invitations to deliver workshops to fashion industry professionals and academics have been received from Churchill College (University of Cambridge) and Donghua University (China's leading university in all areas of Fashion Design and Fashion Management and Marketing).

Mike's current research work examines the integration of traditional Chinese elements with a more modern design approach in Chinese fashion brands.

Mike is also Associate Lecturer at the London College of Fashion, invited to deliver guest lectures and seminars on areas where he is established as a leading authority internationally such as fashion consumer behaviour inside emerging market cultures with a focus on the Far East, the Middle East and Latin America.

He is Senior Teaching Fellow and the MA Pathway Co-ordinator for Fashion Marketing and Branding at WSA, with more than 20 years’ experience as a marketing academic specialising in all aspects of Fashion Brand Management and Consumer Behaviour. 

Mike’s research work focuses on the cultural, social and personal influences on fashion brand consumption and on Asia and China in particular. Mike has worked internationally for many years, with spells in the US, India and Central Asia. In particular, Mike worked and lived in China for seven years, teaching at leading Chinese universities as well as delivering training programmes to international businesses based across China, and still holds a Visiting Professorship at the University of International Business and Economics, a top-ranked Chinese university. Mike’s research work has been published in international academic journals such as the Journal of Brand Management and Social Cognition.

Mike’s work has also received considerable recognition in the international media with regular publications and television and radio appearances, including articles published in the Financial Times, The Bangkok Post and China Daily and appearances on BBC World and China Central Television.

Research interests

Research Overview: Four main (related) areas of ongoing investigative, academic research

1.      All aspects of emerging market fashion consumer and organisational behaviour, with a focus on the Far East and the Middle East. In particular, investigating the influence of national and local cultural values and individual identity on fashion consumer and organisational behaviour and the fusion of traditional and modern cultural values and the impact of digital technology

2.      The international fashion business student teaching and learning experience: all aspects, ranging from attracting international students through to post-study experience employment support and continued relationship building. In particular, focusing on the communications challenges and further understanding of cultural empathy.

3.      Fashion brand financial valuation: all aspect of financial valuation, from financial accounting methods and techniques to intangible asset valuation. In particular, focusing on the working relationships between finance and marketing professionals inside fashion companies and the financial valuation of intangible brand value. Currently working with Brandz (Millward Brown) and Brand Finance.

4.      Academic and market research methods in fashion consumer research. Currently examining effective combinations of both qualitative and quantitative research methods with a seminar paper to be delivered in May 2018.

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Selected Publications  


Zhu, K. (2018). Foreword. Mike Bastin, Vanke Games (p.2-3). NanFang Daily Press, Guangdong.

Book Chapters

Hedonic Shopping Value and Impulse Buying Behaviour in Transitional Economies: A symbiosis in the Chinese Mainland Market – Yu, C and Bastin, M. in Advances in Chinese Brand Management – Balmer, J.M.T and Chen, W. (Eds), Palgrave MacMillan, London, November 2016

Refereed journal articles

Leizhen Zang,W Jiang, M. Bastin, (2018). The Economic Impact of Anti-corruption Campaigns: New Materials for New Research Agendas in China, China: An International Journal, forthcoming

Yu, Z., Wang, F, Wang, D., Bastin, M. (2012).  Beyond Reaction Times: Incorporating Mouse Tracking Measures into Implicit Association Test. Social Cognition , Vol. 30 (June), Issue 3,pp.289-306.  

Yu Chunling and Bastin, M. (2010). “Hedonic Shopping Value and Impulse Buying Behaviour in Transitional Economies: A symbiosis in the Chinese Mainland Market”. Journal of Brand Management, Vol. 18 (2).  

Yu, Z, Bastin, M. and Wang, D. (2009). “Perhaps Moliere was right ? To Be Richer is to be more miserly”. Journal of Social Behaviour and Personality, Vol. 37, Issue 6.  

Yu, C., Zhao, P. and Bastin, M. (2008). “Understanding Retailer Branding: from the Perspective of Consumers’ Shopping Value”. Journal of Chinese Marketing, Vol.1, no.2, 41-47.  

The Most Recent International Television Appearances

World Insight (British PM visit to China), 2018. China Global Television Network (CGTN), 1st February, 21:00. Available at URL:

World Insight (WTO meeting in Bueno Aries ends without major deal), 2017. China Global Television Network (CGTN), 15th December, 21:00. Available at URL:

World Insight (Brexit, trade top EU summit agenda), 2017. CGTN, 19th October, 21:00. Available at URL:

World Insight (World business leaders meet in Dalian), 2017. CGTN, 27th June, 21:00. Available at URL:

The Point (Employment remains a big issue in China), 2017. CGTN, 3rd March, 18:00. Available at URL:

Global Business (Report suggests Britain leaving the EU could cost households…), 2016. CGTN America, 27th April, 19:00. Available at URL:

Research Seminar/Conference Papers

Bastin, M(2018). Qual is Qual and Quants is Quants and never the two shall meet ? Winchester School of Art Luxury Research Group seminar series, forthcoming

Bastin, M. (2017). Chinese Internet Celebrities: The changing nature of the “Wang Hong” and their impact on Chinese luxury consumption. How Will Luxury Evolve In The Digital Age (Warwick Luxury and Innovation Hub annual conference), The Shard, London, July 25th.

Bastin, M. (2017). Fashion Brand Valuation: Where Marketing Meets Finance. Winchester School of Art Luxury Research Group seminar series, 1st February

International Business Newspaper articles

The Sybarite Luxury Magazine

Bastin, M. (2017). Interview with Daniela Walker for The Sybarite (special edition on Chinese Luxury Consumers), December, p.3. Available at URL:

The Financial Times

Bastin, M. (2017). Interview with Emma Boyde for The Financial Times (special edition on the Chinese EMBA market), August. Available at URL:

Bastin, M. (2014). Interview with Emma Boyde for the Financial Times (article on the global MBA market), August. Available at URL:

The Bangkok Post

Bastin, M. (2017). "Brands Go Global but with local flavour". The Bangkok Post, 21st February.


Financial Times publications  

Bastin, M. (2015). “Why MBA curriculum should focus more on Politics”. Financial Times, April 19th  

Bastin, M. (2015). “Courses on Ethics Needed in China”. Financial Times, January 14th.  

Bastin, M. (2014). “Entrepreneurship education needed in China”. Financial Times, January 31st.  

Bastin, M. (2013). “Emerging Markets Necessitate a re-think of Business Education”. Financial Times, October 29th  

Bastin, M. (2013). “Putting the Politics into business education”. Financial Times, May 9th  

Bastin, M. (2012). “China needs a business education revolution”, Financial Times, December 10th  

Bastin, M. (2012). “Chinese business schools must contribute more to the needs of industry”. The Financial Times, Monday 1st October  

Bastin, M. (2012). “China’s public sector  in need of public sector education”. The Financial Times, Thursday May 31st  

Bastin, M. (2012). “An opportunity missed in China: urgent reform needed to sustain competitive advantage”. The Financial Times, March 21st  

Bastin, M. (2011). “China’s Schools must make the leap forward”. Financial Times, 26th September.      


Daily Telegraph publications  

Bastin, M. (2016). “Chinese takeovers of overseas brands worthy of close attention”. Daily Telegraph, 11th March  

Bastin, M. (2015). “With the AIIB, there is no pain, only gain for the West”. The Daily Telegraph, July 27th.  

Bastin, M. (2011). “Companies still struggle to build brands”. The Daily Telegraph, 7th September.    


China Daily European Weekly  

Bastin, M. (2018). “For China, bumper year for billionaires”. China Daily (European weekly), 16th March

Bastin, M. (2018). “New year brings luxury sales challenges”. China Daily (European weekly), 2nd February

Bastin, M. (2017). “Top brands must integrate online, offline”. China Daily (European weekly), 15th December

Bastin, M. (2017). “Region’s rapid transformation is worth noting”. China Daily (European weekly), 1st December

Bastin, M. (2017). “China ripe for Western shopping days”. China Daily (European weekly), 1st December

Bastin, M. (2017). “Europeans should embrace Singles Day”. China Daily (European weekly), 17th November

Bastin, M. (2017). “Sino-Russian trade set to soar with PVP”. China Daily (European weekly), 3rd November

Bastin, M. (2017). “WeChat could mushroom in Europe”. China Daily (European weekly), 13th October

Bastin, M. (2016). “Wanda World Captures the Chinese Zeitgeist”. China Daily (European weekly), 10th June.    

Bastin, M. (2016). “Fashion’s Future: Young, Gifted, Chinese”. China Daily (European weekly), 27th May.    

Bastin, M. (2016). “Young Chinese talent on the Global Catwalk”. China Daily (European weekly), 14th May.    

Bastin, M. (2016). “Trump and hypocrisy are U.S characteristics”. China Daily, 23rd April.    

Bastin, M. (2016). “A tale of how neighbouring cities differ”. China Daily (European weekly), 22nd April.    

Bastin, M. (2016). “Films and Fashion Go Hand in Hand”, China Daily (Asia weekly), 8th April    

Bastin, M. (2016). “Chinese films have a role for brands”. China Daily (European weekly), 1st April.  

Bastin, M. (2015). “Brands should tap into Chinese heritage”. China Daily (European edition), 18th December    

Bastin, M. (2015). “Toy Shop Story with a Happy Chinese Ending”. China Daily (European edition), 13th November  

Bastin, M. (2014). “Bosideng Re-branding: Could just be the Chinese Dream in Action”, China Daily, May 13th  

Bastin, M. (2011). “MetersBonWe a home grown success”. China Daily (European editions), June 24th, p.21      

International Fashion Industry seminars: invited as an expert panelist/presenter….

China Roundtable seminar series (2018). U.K Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT), London, forthcoming. Available at URLs:

China Roundtable seminar series (2017). U.K Fashion and Textile Association (UKFT), 22nd May, London. Available at URL:

Bastin, M. and Li, J. [BrandZ](2015). “The Chinese Consumer and International Brand Managent”. Business seminar hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce, Thursday 9th April. Available at URL:

Bastin, M. and Wang, D. [BrandZ](2012). “The Existential Chinese Consumer”. Business breakfast seminar to international businesses hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday 11th July, Beijing. Available at URL:

Other Publications

Bastin, M. (2014). “Why China’s Love Affair with Rolls-Royce continues to surge”. Red Luxury, January 27th  

Yao, S. and Bastin, M. (2012). “Why the Chinese Buy What They Buy”. Red Luxury, Monday 20th August.  

Bridgewater, S, Bastin,M. and Tiger, W (2007). “International Football Brands in China”. Research conducted on behalf of the English Football Association, January 2007.                        


Mr Mike Bastin
Winchester School of Art

Room Number : 63G/3029

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