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Winchester School of Art

Elisava, Barcelona collaboration & Facilities

Elisava’s main premises have 10,500 m2 of facilities which encompass a series of spaces, equipped for both theoretical and workshop teaching activity. These facilities can adapt to the demands of Elisava’s education plan, aswell as both student and tutor requirements.

At Elisava you will find computer rooms with hardware and software tailored for the design and engineering studies taught at the School, with open rooms where students can perform their activity outside class hours: a photography workshop, fashion workshop and science & technology laboratory.

Student work cut out by one of the campus Laser Cutters

The central premises also have a model and prototype workshop. This space, with a floor area of 300 m2, is located near Elisava, on Paseo de Colón, and it is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and machinery required to perform work in this area: including, a 3D printer, numerically-controlled milling machine and a laser cutter.

The entire campus is equipped with Wi-Fi, so that students can remain connected at all times.

Model and Prototype Workshop

A large multipurpose space with all the necessary equipment to produce the models and prototypes for students’ projects. The workshop has rapid prototype machinery for the design and advanced development of products.

Studio Rooms

Elisava has purpose designed and furnished studio spaces where students can work and are delivered workshops to assist their studies. The workshops are a complementary activity to the courses taught by the university, and they represent a different way of focusing learning.

Computer Rooms

The School has 11 computer rooms, equipped with both Macs and PCs, which have the specific software needed for design and engineering studies. Students are supported by a User Assistance Centre, which is open during class hours.

Open Room and Weekends

Elisava has an open room service, which means that both computer and theoretical rooms and their equipment can be used outside class hours. The School is also open on some weekends every trimester just before the examinations so that students can access the material in the library, the computer services, and the model and prototype workshop.

Student Room

Elisava students have a multipurpose space for leisure and work purposes. The walls are blackboards which can be used for brainstorming as required by the students. The student room has a space for a microwave and a fridge for those students who bring their meals from home. Students also have a bar service, providing a variety of meals and sandwiches which can be eaten inside or outside on the Elisava terrace.

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